Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Paddington Bear "Paddy" was adopted over four years ago.

He loves his squirrel-- I think he's waiting for it to jump down. It's going to be awhile Paddy.

His parents adopted Amelia so he would have a good friend. She's another sweet Peke!!

I think you're close enough Paddy-- are you trying to look into the lens?

Here's Amelia-- it looks like she has no legs. Someone on facebook asked "does this model come with legs?" and her owner answered, "She's a hoverpeke." I love it!

Paddy likes to have his toys nearby. He may be getting older, but his joy is still there. He was 6-7 when he was adopted, so he's 10-11 now. He has a heart murmur, which many of you know about since your own pets have that. Like my Cranberry, he has a wrist that is somewhat deformed and it can cause him some pain so he's on special meds for that.

His best friend, Amelia, likes to pose for pictures. Paddy follows Amelia around like a baby duck follows his mama duck. Or maybe it's just love. :-)

Amelia is okay with that. (This is her movie star pose.)

Paddy is in his plaid bed-- I LOVE that bed! It reminds me of Scotland. Plaids are in this year, so Paddy is in style. Paddy's mom said he has cataracts and is selectively deaf-- but he hear the refrigerator open! He likes when friends come over, but he's definitely a Mama's boy. She calls him her Paddy Lumps.

He's a very content Peke-- and he knows how much he's loved. Good-night, sweet Paddy. Sweet dreams!


lady jicky said...

I wonder if plaid beds will take over the pink bed fashion ???

Both are so beautiful.

Linda said...

I think we should all get plaid beds! I have one sitting by my desk-- not as pretty as Paddy's, but it's still plaid!