Monday, October 24, 2011


Jason came to us from a Maryland shelter. He is older and not in great shape, but we had a foster home that would take an older one and let him live our his life with them. (Thanks Martha and Eve!)

Jason first went to Jeanne's home and was vetted and it was obvious he wasn't cared for previously. We have special friends who are helping with Jason's care though.

And here they are! It's a very special group of kids. They are in Richard's class and they love to come up with ways to raise money to help our Pekes. They collected cans-- lots of cans!

Richard left his car open in the faculty parking lot, and bags were filled and loaded into his car.

The kids decided they would do a bake sale to raise more money! They started mixing...

and stirring.....

and baking..... YUM!

And when the goodies were ready, they sold them.

They all look so good. I know they sold out in a flash!

Many people came to buy a treat-- and help our Pekingese by doing so.

And lots of money was raised!

The kids asked if the money could help Jason.

And it did. Thank you so much to Richard and his class of very special students. We appreciate you so much! You have a huge heart to help our little ones.


lady jicky said...

What a wonderful job they did too Linda!!
Bravo to you all - love from Australia !!!

pekmom said...

Linda, I check out the blog everyday, some blogs just break my heart, some crack me up, this one was balm for the soul. What a way to start the morning, tears in eyes, thanking God for these special children. Thank you for sharing this story on a Monday.(since Monday's are hard getting going) can't think of a better way to start a day. (one of those cupcakes and coffee) not a bad idea either.
Blessings. :)

emilyp said...

Wonderful,what a fantastic group of kids:)