Sunday, December 23, 2018


Some Christmas pictures "stay" with me-- some that are so charming, or touching, or they make my heart smile.
 Cosmo posed under his Christmas tree-- he is gone now, but this beautiful picture remains.
 Lafite-- looking out the window with the Christmas lights behind him is another one I love.
 Jay Jay (Cosmo's brother) loves  the tree, too.   The snow and the lights, oh I love it.
 My snuggle bug, Starlight-- one of my favorites.
 Pandy, my granddog, posed years ago.  I love this.
 Allie Marie, with Christmas lights behind her-- so sweet.
 Not a Peke--but a little Peke lover.  Our Sugar Bit..
 Pi would say Merry Christmas from heaven.  Our family had her and we all loved her.  Perfect dog.
Take time to be quiet, turn the lights down, look at the lights sparkling in the darkness, and realize how very blessed we are.  The season of Joy-- and I'm so thankful.

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LadyJicky said...

Merry Christmas to you Linda and your family and all the Must Love Peke's readers from sunny Australia .... its Christmas Eve and we are going over to my daughters for dinner tonight.

Yum Yum has had his summer cut yesterday and .... that surprised him!
So glad he did as its going to be 33c or 91f today and tomorrow maybe hotter. Summer is here.