Friday, December 21, 2018


 Pati has been my friend for awhile-- she is the best dog person!  She adopted King Henry from us and gave him a wonderful life.  Then, she adopted Thea (above) and Thursty. 
 They are all ready for Christmas!
 Pati's job-- best job ever-- is helping others with their dogs.   She takes them to a special area of hers for running and playing while their owners are at work.  After playing, they all climb into the van and sleep!
 Thea and Thursty get to go, too, of course.   They have so much fun.
 Thea and Thursty's brother, Bandit, is with another family member. 
 The dogs who join Pati's group are having so much fun.
 How did she get them to pose?
 I think Thea and Thursty are outnumbered by the big dogs!
 HMM-- is this Thea or Thursty-- Santa will know.
 And I'm sure they will have a wonderful Christmas.
Papa Harley is ready, too.   Don't forget to sleep well so Santa will come!
Thank you, Pati, for all you do.  Have a Merry Christmas!

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LadyJicky said...

Just how did Pati get all those doggies to pose so well together .... oh yes... Christmas Magic !