Friday, August 26, 2011


This is Darby. She is like my Starlight in many ways-- same "outgoing" personality. haha But, like Starlight, Darby loves children, especially HER Drill Bit. (Starlight has a Drill Bit, so Darby needed one, too.)

They are best friends, and Darby loves him so much.

They are often together playing.

Darby's Drill Bit is 17 months, just a little younger than our Drill Bit.

Drill bit shares with Darby-- I think that is a special thing for Darby! It's amazing how Pekes can be fast getting a treat from me, but be "oh so gentle" with a baby. I can't figure it out.

Drill Bit has an audience-- of Pekes. I love it!


lady jicky said...

Oh my --- too many "bits" for me to take in!!! LOL

Lisa_S. said...

That's funny. I have a similar thing here with Rocky. He can be Cujo one minute, let the kids come out to play and he's belly-up amid a throng of kids and toddlers. I don't get it either.

Lisa_S. said...

I have a similar situation here. My Rocky can be Cujo at me one minute, then if the kids are out playing, he's amid a throng of kids and toddlers belly-up. He's put puncture wounds in me more times than I can count, he's never bared a tooth at a kid. I don't get it.