Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Sassy Marie is doing well since her surgery last Friday. Can you see the incision on her neck? They went in through the front.

Here she is sound asleep, but you can see her incision and staples. It's about 3 inches long. I'm amazed at what surgeons can do.

Sassy has been resting a lot. But, she has also begun to play a little with her toy, and she's wagging her tail. She also wants her meals when everyone else is eating. So, we know she feels better. She must have been in pain a long time-- she was born with this problem we found out. A friend wrote this, "I bet she believes in Santa now because she just got the best gift of her life.
Thankfully she fell into the protective arms of PVPC. " I'm glad we could help her, too. But, without our special friends who helped pay for her surgery, we couldn't do all this. So, THANK YOU to all who have helped us with Sassy and the others in our foster care.

Sassy will be recovering for 6-8 weeks. Her new life has begun. And when she is well, we'll find a very special home for her!


lady jicky said...

What wonderful news for this sweet Peke!
Get well Ms Sassy!!!

emilyp said...

Lovely update!!!