Saturday, August 20, 2011


Beach Bit is now crawling all over the place and nothing is safe.

I've had to put up more baby-gates to separate dogs and baby when Beach Bit is here during the day.

Beach Bit is pulling up on everything-- and if there's Peke near-by, he will put up on that. They aren't fond of it.

Cranberry is wondering why there is an xpen stretched across part of the family room.

And this is the reason--

The dogs just sit and watch Beach Bit play on the other side. Sometimes, he will grab onto the xpen and try to get through. Some Pekes are great with babies. But, since I can't watch all the dogs every minute, this is just easier. These solutions to protecting a baby are so easy-- so I don't understand why people turn in dogs just because they have a new baby. Just use common sense, baby gates and xpens! When Beach Bit is asleep, every thing is open and the dogs aren't suffering a bit. :-) And everyone is safe.


lady jicky said...

Moi Moi is baking a cake with a file in it so her Pekey Mates can break out of jail at midnight -- Kenzo will be there at the gate with the car running!

Linda said...

Melinda, I love your comments!! :-) They brighten my day!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree! Dogs and kids can live in harmony. In fact, when I was growing up and my parents finally allowed us to have dogs, often times we were the ones that got in trouble if we got snapped at by the dogs. It probably meant we weren't being respectful of their personal space and it was usually true!