Saturday, August 6, 2011


Maxwell and Tyler have been in the blog before. Their mom and dad lived in Blacksburg, VA when they were adopted. And then, they moved to California and became our Hollywood Pekes.

They lived in a loft for several years-- how many has it been, Lisa? But, now they have moved to a house!! Maxwell, above, said they bought the house just for him. Agatha is their new cat-- her owner couldn't keep her anymore, so she joined Maxwell and Tyler.

Here's Maxwell's email to us. He addressed it to Robin, his foster mom. " Hi Robinmommy! I have a new house. I'm pretty sure they bought it just for me because most things, really, are about me. It is 11 rooms and two stories. I can't get up the stairs, so Skinny Guy carries me up and down the stairs at night and then in the morning. We have an 8,000 square foot yard right here in the city. They are gardenin sit, but Tyler rolls in the chicken poop. Who does that? Does he not know how disgusting that is?

We live in West Adams now. I was scared in the new house at first. It was very different. Nothing was where it was supposed to be, and I'm getting a little blind. But Chubby Lady slept on the floor with me and I feel better about it now. Tyler likes the house very much, and he really likes the yard. When he isn't rolling in chicken poop or getting the mud, he runs around and digs. Or he runs around. Or he barks at the neighbors.

They have a gate up to keep me from accidentally falling down the stairs. We have wild parrots in this neighborhood, and they wake us up. Very rude. I am feeling my age a little bit, but Chubby Lady still calls me her baby-dog. We had roast beef yesterday, and we all know how I feel about roast beef. We are quite busy with unpacking. Chubby Lady was on national news talking about the Greek debt crisis and Carmageddon, and now she says she needs to get real work done. I think that's a problem because it distracts her from playing with me. Thank you for taking care of me, Robin. I miss you and your doggies. One of Chubby Lady's friends had to get rid of a cat, and so we have a new one, named Agatha. She is very shy though and doesn't hit me on the nose, so that means I'm ok with her. We got our new summer haircuts the same day as the move so that we weren't "underfoot" and I quote. Like I am ever underfoot? These people. My best, Maxwell "

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