Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We are home from our vacation. We finished the drive through the Virginia mountains and I had to include another picture-- it's not great, but I just love taking random pictures as my husband drives, and some really show me what an awesome place we live. I love when the fog rolls over the mountain tops.

We stopped in Lexington, VA and met Lucinda and Roger, our Roanoke reps. (If you live in that area, she owns Harris Animal Hospital, in Roanoke, VA.)She's an incredible vet there and has fostered five of our Pekes. They adopted one. :-) (Wanda goes to Starbucks with her dad.) They have Dollar there, and Gilbert and Sullivan, a bonded pair. (A blog on them will come soon.) They also had Odin, so I stopped and picked up Odin to come to my house.

He was in rough shape at the shelter, but he was still smiling. Lucinda/Roger and her staff did a wonderful job on him-- he looks great now!

I met some of Lucinda and Roger's other dogs (another blog on that!) and then Odin got into the car for the trip to my house. What a wonderful little traveler he is!

Before he came, he visited with one of the vet techs and her family. Since I have children (grand-bits) here a lot, I wanted to see how Odin did with kids-- so he spent the night at her house. He loved the kids!

He rolled over for tummy rubs....

And posed for pictures.

He likes to rest his head on your leg or your hand-- so sweet.

He likes to be in your lap for a hug. He will even lay back like a baby.

He is at my house now and he is one sweet, mellow dog! He isn't bothered by the Bits at my house (Bitty Bit and Beach Bit are here now). He is a quiet dog, just laid back and ready for a hug any time. He is about six years old we think. He is missing an eye, but gets around fine with the other eye. His only meds are eye drops. And he's good about it! If you think you could give this sweet one a home, just email us at You won't regret it!


lady jicky said...

Love your misty mountains Linda and Odin is just lovely.
I hope he finds a nice place to live forever :)

Tracey said...

What a cutie he is!! Hope he finds his forever home soon!!

emilyp said...

He is adorable and looks like a cuddly guy!