Friday, March 21, 2014


 Look who came today.    Meet Koko.   She is 7 years old and her owner turned her into a shelter.    I don't know all the circumstances, but from the vet records, I could tell Koko had been well cared for.     We'll find her a new home.  :-)  
 I think she looks like she is related to Elwood, who I just fostered (and who now lives a wonderful life in Richmond).
 After going to the vet, we came home to introduce her to my gang.
 Rammi Ju, my other foster, fell in LOVE!   He followed her everywhere.
 Who is that pest?   Is he still behind me?
 He just couldn't stay away!
 Look at her pretty coloring.  
 She is only 11.5 pounds, but she jumped right up on the couch and settled in.
 She does fine with the other dogs-- mine are all pretty independent and once a foster has been here five minutes, they treat them like they've been here a long time.
The sun was hitting her in the eyes, but she tried to look at me.   Welcome to our home, Koko!   I don't think you'll be here very long.

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lady jicky said...

Oh that KoKo is a cutie!!!