Saturday, March 8, 2014


 Hannah (being fostered in Maryland by Monica and her husband), was busy helping her foster dad take care of things outside.  She didn't seem to mind the snow.
 I know my Pekes don't mind it a bit-- but it doesn't get deep here.    Hannah can still get around, so she's fine with it.
 Back inside, though, she found a spot of sunshine to warm up in.   Why is it that the Pekes like to find where the sun is and lay down in it.
Her friend, Phoebe, came to share with her and Hannah loved that.   She and Phoebe play a lot, chasing each other around.     We would love to find a home for Hannah where she can have a best friend.   If you would like her to join your family, let us know!

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Doris Sturm said...

What a lovely story. Hannah is so precious and I'm glad she has a little friend to play with - for now... maybe her next home will have someone for her too! Praying and wishing her all the best for her forever home! Meanwhile, thank God for foster parents :-)