Tuesday, March 11, 2014


 Rosie belonged to a friend of mine-- Tracey.
 I have contact with a shelter near me, and they asked if I knew anyone who could help her.
 Her owner had to go live in a nursing facility and Rosie was taken in by the woman's nephew and his family. The nephew had Rosie for a month but decided it was in Rosie's best interests to surrender her.  He has three children, the youngest being 2, and the situation was not good for an old, small dog like Rosie.
 Rosie was about 16-- so who would adopt her?     She was only 5 pounds, and just loved to be held and given soft treats.
 I put her on my blog and one of our great adopters said she would go get her.    I let the shelter know what a wonderful home it would be.    
 Rosie went to join her new family and all the dogs had to check her out.    What is it-- it's so small?
 Rosie walked around her new yard.
 She had wonderful beds and blankets to curl up on.
 Mike loved her and gave her a lot of attention.
 Her mom, Tracey, was just in love with this little girl.
 Cede loved to cuddle with her.
 Rosie lived there a year, but began to have health problems.     She was about 17, and Tracey did all she could for her.
Making the decision to let her go was so difficult, but the best thing for Rosie.   Rosie was so loved and will be so missed.    She had love and care and then they gently released her.    Rest in peace, sweet girl.    


Fiona Ross said...

So sorry for the loss of gentle Rosie - she was so loved!

Kimberly Paradiso said...

I didn't get to meet this sweetie but know if I had she would've stole my heart too! I know she will be missed dearly...Rest in peace sweet Rosie.