Saturday, March 29, 2014


 Beau Beau was adopted from us and his moms have taken in Pumpkin.   She is getting incredible care there.
 Domino was also adopted from us.    Who's by his side?   I'll have to find out!
 Here's Pumpkin.   I think she's learned where the refrigerator is and what good things are in it.
 When she was turned into a shelter by her owner, she didn't have a chance of adoption.  She desperately needed a dental and good food.    She doesn't hear well, but she certainly can find the refrigerator.
 What do they have?   Good treats?
Her coat is soft and healthy now, and she is loved and has a wonderful place to live.    What else could she want?


Unknown said...

LOL My Gabe does not have good sight but his hearing is grand!! As soon as he hears someone in the kitchen, his pekey butt is in there!! He can relate to pumpkin!! ;)

lady jicky said...

Pumpkin looks so good!!!!

Smile to my face :)