Sunday, March 30, 2014


 Alastor has on his Irish hat-- St. Patrick's Day is close to spring, so maybe he thought this would bring a bit of the "luck of the Irish" and warm weather would come.
 Desi wasn't convinced though-- she was being snowed on the other day.
 What is going on?
 There are daffodils blooming----
 So why is it still cold and snowy????
 Let me make sure this daffodil is real, and it's really here.     Yes, it's real.    I'll lick it to  make sure.
 And I can see that's still snow on the ground.   What gives!
 Dollar seems a bit perplexed by it, too.    Snow is on his head, his coat, on the ground.  GO AWAY WINTER.
Sweet Smuchie is content whatever the weather.    He's so laidback, he doesn't seem concerned.   I guess we could all learn a lesson from him.    Just enjoy whatever is here, be thankful for all the love around us and just wait patiently-- I know spring is coming.   

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lady jicky said...

I am very sure you all want spring! You have had such a bad winter.

Autumn leaves are falling here.