Monday, March 3, 2014


 I hear more snow is coming.   Where I am, we are not getting any (I hope!), but others are getting hit again.    Here are Monkey, Abner, Brody and Lily.
 They all live in New York and are used to the snow-- well, maybe they are used to it.
 But, this past week-end,  Thurston and Thea were running on the beach.    I think more cold weather is coming their way, but for now, they are having a blast!
 What a perfect picture:  the sun, a shell and a Peke!  
 Bandit does have a new hand knit scarf if winter shows up again.
In the meantime, they run on the beach, grabbing a shell on the way.
 Bandit, Thurston and Thea are romping at the beach, just being puppies having fun.
 I think Bandit and his siblings had a bath shortly after this!    Get clean and then get your coats on-- the cold is on the way!

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lady jicky said...

They are just so adorable!!!

I see on our TV in Australia you are in for some more snow!!!