Monday, January 4, 2021


Little Bit adores his foster mom.
He came into rescue over a year ago.
He is blind, and nothing could be done to give him any sight.  
He loves being on someone's lap.
Soft beds are fine, too.
You can use the whole thing, Bitty.
Bitty is probably about ten years old now.   He receives eye drops and it helps his eyes feel better.
He is still looking for his forever home.
He is looking with his ears and his heart, which both work just fine.
Until then, he is safe and loved with Sonia and Joe.
Licorice was there for awhile, but was adopted.   A crate was out for him, and Bitty has never cared about a crate.  But, since it was used by Licorice, he decided it must be okay.   LOL  Silly boy.
A bed is his favorite though.
Here's more information on this sweet boy.

Bitty is a very sweet and loving boy.  Little Bit can be left at home for short intervals. He will get very excited upon your return and lavish you with love and affection. Little Bit would do best in a home where someone is with him most of the time. If left alone for long periods of time, he will cry and bark trying to find his family (anxiety).  Little Bit is house-trained. He is very comfortable going outside with you and will stay with you as long as you like.  While he prefers hard surfaces he will lay in the grass.  He will need help if there are stairs in his home. Little Bit likes chew toys, belly rubs and treats!   A fenced-in yard is important for Little Bit so that he can learn his yard boundary and to be able to roam and play safely. 

If you are interested in more information or in adopting Little Bit, please fill out an application to adopt.


Lost Earring said...

Praying for a permanent home for Bitty.

LadyJicky said...

I think if you are retired and stay at home a lot then Little Bit will be a fine Peke for you.... he is such a brave soul as he goes around in life blind but he has that nose and he will seek you out.

Like "Lost Earring" I pray for the best furever home for Little Bit... he is so sweet and brave!