Tuesday, January 5, 2021


Minnie is 15 1/2 now.   She is a quiet, sweet dog.
We don't know what happened to her, but she is on meds for PTSD.   She continues to get better, and has been seeking me out more for attention.  
She knows her "cousin" Granger.   Granger is a mischief maker.  He likes boxes.
He likes paper bags.
He likes being inside things.
Minnie must have been watching.
Are you two coming up with new ideas?
I was unloading groceries.  Paper bags were tossed to the floor to be folded later.  I wanted to get the freezer food in.
Minnie came alive!
She walked on them, in them, beside them.   She was too funny.   She ignored the rest of the dogs as she went on an adventure of her own.  
These Pekes!   They keep surprising us.   Has your dog done something like this?
Sweet Minnie-- You can come out now.  😂
Whoa, she's exhausted from her adventures.   Time for a nap!!  


Unknown said...

It is wonderful watching these precious Pekes come alive in you care.

LadyJicky said...

Minnie will be up to Grangers tricks soon Linda... watch out!! lol

Lost Earring said...

We had two Pekes we raised from puppies and they loved grocery bags, boxes that we opened and anything new. They would grab the plastic bags and run through the house with a bag each chasing each other and boxes became something to climb in nap after they wore themselves out.