Thursday, January 7, 2021


(None of these pictures were taken after he passed away.  I would not do that. 
 I just want to be clear on that.) 
On Tuesday, I received a message asking for help.   Newby "Gizmo" was in distress.
He was an 8 month old puppy who had injured his back, and would need 24-48 hours of monitoring.  Yes, we could do that.  He was turned over to rescue.
He was a beautiful ten pound puppy with a stunning mask.  
His owner shared pictures with me of him with Tiffany, his 3 year old sister.  She was rescued from a breeding situation a year ago.   
I took Newby to my vet immediately.  He was panting heavily and I thought it was pain.   He was admitted for care.  An IV was put in, so pain meds could be given.    The vet found that he had stenotic nares and a severe elongated palate.  So, when he injured his back, and he began to breathe heavier from pain, the breathing issues became severe.  
He tongue turned purple and he was in grave condition.   He was in great danger of respiratory arrest.  He was intubated and put on oxygen, and his color returned.  But, he continued to get worse.   His temperature began to rise.  Normal temperature is 100-102.  His temperature went up to 104 and then to 107 to 109.  Critical.   Measures were taken to reduce his temperature-- it has to be done slowly to avoid other complications, but nothing was working.   More was going on and I was called to go in.   
This sweet, young Peke that I was sure we could help was in crisis.   I got to the vet and was allowed in immediately.    Everything was done to help him, but he was not responding.   He became very sedate, just laying there, his temperature still extremely high.   

I let his surrenderer/owner know that he didn't make it.  She sent me these pictures.  She didn't know he had underlying breathing issues.   She thought he was hot.  He wasn't-- he was struggling to breathe.  The back injury made it all worse and we could not save him.  The more he tried to breathe, the more swollen his airways became.  
You were ours for only a little while, but you were loved and I was with you as you left this world.  Run free, little one.   You are part of our family now.    

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LadyJicky said...

Its a terrible situation little Newby was in. I do wish Pekingese breeders would breed them with not so squished in noses and make sure the line has good/big nasals.
They love to breed Peke's with these points for showing ! Yes Newby was very sweet and cute but it worked against him ... poor boy.
Take a look at very old photo's of pekingese.... their noses do come out and not flat against the face!!!

RIP Newby ... you were helped by the "Best of the Best" rescue !