Wednesday, January 13, 2021


Jazzy Lee came into rescue in 2013.   
She had been a breeder's dog.   I don't have a problem with good, reputable breeders.  But, breeders who discard their dogs when they can't use them anymore really make me mad.   
Jazzy came to us through a Schnauzer rescue who had saved her.  Would we take her-- yes!  
Jazzy loved her brother, Toby.   
Jazzy could twirl and spin when it was dinner time.  She was full of energy.
Napping was good, too-- dogs who nap together are so cute.
Jazzy had a beautiful little mask and was so sweet.
Some dogs who have been used only for breeding have issues, but Jazzy was so sweet and thankful to have such a wonderful family. 
In December, Bonnie noticed two lumps on her neck.   She took her immediately to the vet.   Surgery was done, but it was a fast growing mouth cancer.   There's not much that can be done for this type of cancer and it's devastating.   
 It was so fast, and it's hard to lose them so quickly.   
Jazzy's mom, Bonnie said, "I am just heartbroken. I will miss my little girl. RIP sweet Jazzy Lee."
Run free now, sweet girl.  💜🌈  You were greatly loved.  


LadyJicky said...

Oh Bonnie you will miss Jazzy Lee - what a personality she had!
What a beauty she was too.

Big hugs to you
love from the Aussies.

Lost Earring said...

So very sorry for the loss of Jazzy. She had love and security in her Furever home.