Thursday, April 8, 2021


Spring comes and things begin to happen.  Some full coated Pekes get shorter hair cuts. 
Schmoo says he will be more comfortable.  
At our house, little pools come out.  
Unfortunately, Bogie tried to help fill it and the hose hit the dirt and blew it on to him.  
So undignified.  (And he had just had a bath the day before.). 
Do you start looking around the yard at all that needs to be done?   Me, too. 
The hammock is up.  More mulch needs to be added under it.  We start w a dump truck full.  😩
Paddington said he’s not helping. I’m sure Bogie will though.  Zoey will just look cute.  
I’m slowly getting my dogs trimmed.  Paddington. Is very patient w me.  Such a good “Bad Pad.” 🤣.  Have you decided on your outside adventures your dogs can help with?   Are you doing summer hair cuts?   Share your pictures (and names, too).  I hate to see those beautiful coats go, but it is so much easier to take care of!  

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LadyJicky said...

Coats are a coming in here!!!

We are having beautiful autumn days.... lots to do in the garden before winter sets in.

We have a variegated holly bush and its been growing to the sky... we knocked that back yesterday and tons of branches are everywhere!