Thursday, April 1, 2021


Jackson was turned into rescue in November because his owner could not afford his eye care.   
Jackson had cataracts and very limited vision.   
Marti fostered him and updated me frequently w pictures and vet reports.  She was very proactive in his care.  He thrived there. 
Suzie really wanted Jackson to play but he was content to just hang out.  
Cataract surgery and several months of follow up care was done.  He finally got the clear to be adopted 
He’s a beautiful boy. He has such a sweet personality.  
They came to visit one day and we walked around the front yard.   He can see some now and does great.  
I’m sure Suzie and Marti will miss him.  But, he’s off to his new home.   
Have a wonderful life now, Jackson!!  We are so happy for you!! 


LadyJicky said...

So happy for Jackson!

I went to the eye specialist with Yum Yum today..... his eyes are still weeping ,even after that operation and we now have $$ drops... lets hope they work.

pandamonion said...

Blessings to Marti for opening her heart and home to him, giving him love, shelter and comfort during his recovery.