Sunday, November 3, 2013


 Desi heard there was another photo shoot happening-- the other dogs were getting in costumes.
 Mom, you really want to take pictures of THEM?
 Alastor wanted a few more pictures taken of him being a Crocodile Hunter.   It looks like he's a snake hunter!
 Dawson posed again with the pumpkins.  
 Kipper-- you sure are a cute skunk!    (How do your parents have time to do all these costume changes, photos and run a vet?    I have no idea!)
 Madge -- this is adorable!  
 Madge wasn't "supposed" to still be with them-- with her heart condition, her chances were slim, but she keeps on going!
 Mulan in her beautiful harness and bows is adorable.  
 She is a sweet one, too.  She's going to her foster home in Richmond!
 Wanda,  who is Roger's Starbucks partner, didn't want her pictures taken on the first round.  Desi cannot understand any dog would not want their pictures taken.    Desi LOVES to have her pictures taken in all kinds of outfits.
 Oh, you are a cute little turkey!
Are their turkey treats up there?     I'm sure there are some waiting for you!

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lady jicky said...

Oh my - I love Alister in his croc hunter outfit !!!