Monday, November 11, 2013


 Gus came into rescue in September.   He was in bad shape.  He had fleas, worms, and was doing badly.   (His owner loved him, but just didn't know how to take care of him.)
 Jeanne is fostering this VERY sweet boy. He is 6-7 years old and gets along with other dogs.    He's with Didi and Lucy here.   (Lucy is also a foster dog.)
 Gus has a regal stance-- I noticed that in a lot of his pictures.    He's not the "most beautiful" Peke, but I see his sweet heart just shining through.    (I actually think he's adorable!)
 He no longer has fleas or worms, and his hair is growing back.    He is so much healthier!
 Oh, my, that face--- he is posing, or falling asleep!
 Awe, this is better.  You knew your picture was being taken, didn't you.
 He loves to go out in the yard and walk the paths.    (I like to walk the paths in Jeanne's yard, too!)
 Gus is very loyal and loving.     He is ready for a forever home.  
Let us know if you'd like this sweet boy to be part of your home-- he  has so much love to give.

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lady jicky said...

You know that picture in the beginning of Gus - that is how I feel ! LOL

Oh but Gus is so much better now and I do believe he will make a wonderful pet for someone who wants a regal Peke boy!