Thursday, November 14, 2013


 Sweet Roxie is my foster girl.    She is so sweet.    She has tried to play with a few of mine, but mine are not big players.   So, she just runs the yard with them, looking for squirrels and neighbor dogs.
 She saw the table I was painting on the porch with chalkboard paint.  Do you want to try it out, or ...
 Are you looking at my spiffy lamp stand.   Jeanne gave me her fire pit and this is the top of it.   I think it makes a great lamp stand.  
 Okay, back to Roxie-- I think she is contemplating the table and what art work she can do.    How do I know that?
 I know because she jumped on it!     Are you proud of yourself?     I think so-- but where is the chalk.
Okay, it wasn't comfortable there, so she jumped on the bench swing.  Much better.   Roxie, you are so cute-- I'm sure a forever home will come for you soon.   For now, though, you're just fine here, and I love you!

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lady jicky said...

Hi Linda!
My Mum is here and we have just looked at Roxie and Mum thinks she is gorgeous - beautiful colour!!!

We do like that lamp stand too!

I do not think little Roxie will be with you long!!!