Thursday, November 21, 2013


 Abner came to us as a 6 month old puppy who had serious eye issues.   We often get dogs with eye issues-- Pekes are prone to them, and some owners just turn them into shelters instead of helping them.
 Abner goes to senior homes to meet the people who live there.   He brings so much joy to them.    One look at his face and they just smile.
 He has fun with his Peke pack.  
 They go on a lot of adventures.
 He takes time to rest with them when he can, but he's usually too busy for that.
 He has a job now!     He is a therapy dog at the airport!   It's a new program they are starting and he's one of the dogs who goes there to give people a smile, and let them pet him.   It seems to be good for everyone.   Here's one little passenger who is enjoying a visit from Abner.  The people "fight" over who gets to hold him.
 He wears a special vest that shows he is there for a purpose.
 He sometimes lays down on the job, but not much.
 He is greeting another therapy dog.  
 Abner, I'm so glad we saved you and you went to your forever home with wonderful parents!   I just love you!
It's been a long day-- I know after a good sleep, you'll be ready to go again!


lady jicky said...

Abner has two jobs!!! The airport and the old peoples home!!
I wonder ..... does he get paid ?


Mary St. Mary said...

Yes, he gets paid in lots of love & plenty of treats!!

Mary St. Mary said...

Yes, he gets paid in lots of love and attention and PLENTY of treats!

Toni Davis said...

Thank you so much for giving this pup a reason for living and he is such a joy for the people he meets and greets!