Thursday, November 7, 2013


 I saw these pictures of Laura's crew and had to post them for my blog readers who don't have facebook pages.     This is Luca, all ready for the Trick or Treaters.
 Mika was ready, too-- but if I know Mika, she was ready to do some tricks instead of treats!   She can be a pistol. haha
 Sweet Milo was dresssed in his tux-- oh those teeth.    Squeeze that face!
 And Jenkins/Jenks had a brand new outfit since he was the newest member of the family.   You're a little skunk, aren't you?
 This is Mona Lee.   She wasn't dressed up for Halloween, but she has autumn leaves around her and just looks beautiful.   So, I added her.  I knew Jenks and Mika and Luca and Milo wouldn't mind sharing the blog with her.
She's been working hard I think-- time for an autumn break!    (I think she's dreaming of the next two holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas!).  

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lady jicky said...

I saw Jenkin and I thought he was in a cow suit!!!

See - we do not have Skunks!!!

I love them all !