Friday, November 29, 2013


 I don't know about your dogs, but my dogs were tired from the holiday-- My grandogs, Pi and Lottie (Peke) were just exhausted and decided to just veg out on the big dog bed.  
 Jelly with  his foster sister, Paula.    Paula is the one who came into rescue and it turned out she was older, blind and almost deaf.   But, oh, does she love!    She loves her doggy friends and she LOVES her foster mom, Marilyn.   Marilyn loves her right back, saying she is incredibly sweet.    Paula just had a birthday-- Happy Birthday, sweet girl.
Maddy had a wonderful Thanksgiving I know.   Are you resting with your toys now?
Beth Pekes posed for a Thanksgiving picture-- I don't know how she gets them to do this!   Now they're all thinking about the next holiday.  CHRISTMAS!  So, send your Peke Christmas pictures on to me!    December is almost here.  (
I just had to add one more picture in-- I know it's after the blog was posted, but Anna took this picture of her Butters after a long Thanksgiving Day.    I think this is how most of us felt!  Time for a nap!


lady jicky said...

I do not know how Beth gets her dogs to pose like that either!!


Maggie English said...

They arrange themselves really. They love being on that long sofa!

lady jicky said...

Maggie ----- I can get my two to just sit together!!! LOL

Oh ----- I do luv that Butters!!!