Wednesday, November 13, 2013


 Zoe was turned into a shelter by her owner.   Her owner turned her in and said "she might have gotten into rat poison."   Really, and you did nothing?  
 Zoe was fine and we were able to get her quickly, thanks to her foster mom, Jelene.
 Zoe was pretty sick with kennel cough, but now she is healthy and doing great.
 She isn't crazy about sharing her person with other dogs, but is learning.    She would love to be the only one and not have to share.
 She enjoys being held like a baby, so she can rest her head on your shoulder.
 We were told she just turned 9 years old, but she acts like a 2 year old!    She is very  energetic and has no health issues.
  She is all of ten pounds-- not a big girl at all.
 She has beautiful eyes and the silkiest coat.  And her underbite-- well, it's just adorable!
 I see her little tongue sticking out- you know I'm a sucker for that!
 There are the teeth-- remind you of Monk, Georgia?
If you would like to adopt this sweet girl, just let us know!


lady jicky said...

They did nothing!!!

Zoe is lovely and she would make a wonderful pet for a elderly person who just wants company!

Or a middle age person too! LOL

Monkee Poppz said...

she is just adorable :) paws crossed she finds a good forever home with her own human so she won't have to share :)