Monday, January 23, 2012


Gracie has some new friends. No, it's not Beach Bit. Beach Bit is a bit too rambunctious for Gracie Lu. Beach Bit is into "whacking" and so I have to have double gate to keep the dogs and babies apart at my house.

We visited and Gracie Lu gave him kisses, but then Beach Bit thought, "game on!" and decided to follow Gracie. Not fun.

Caitlyn doesn't "whack." She doesn't "follow." :-) Gracie is perfectly content to sit on her lap.

Bodie has been Gracie's friend for awhile-- he looks like a little stuffed animal up there on the chair with Gracie. They even have similar coloring.

Logan is a bit older than Beach Bit-- about 4-5 years! (That's big in kid years.) He knows not to chase Gracie and Gracie is fine with that.

Logan knows to just gently pet her and talk softly to her.

I'm sure Beach Bit will learn to do that-- but until then, Gracie will let Logan and Caitlyn and Bodie be her best friends. :-) Oh, and Gracie has a new walking partner. I don't have a picture, but I'm sure I will soon. His name is Bailey and he's a little Shih Tzu. His mom lives near-by and when Bailey goes for a walk, Gracie gets to tag along. Gracie wasn't too sure about this at first, but now she loves it! A girl needs to keep her figure.


lady jicky said...

I thought Bodie was a toy!! LOL

Moi Moi is on a diet - even her nightly stroll isn't "doing it" so we are looking into Weight Watchers ! LOL

Gracie's Mom said...

Bodie is a wild fire who chases around the house consuming the treats that Gracie leaves on the floor and of then climbing on the recliner and then on the counter top. Gracie loves this as she sits serenely on her pillow.