Friday, January 27, 2012


This is Zoey -- she was in a shelter that operated on a very limited budget, but they cared! They got in this little girl, not even two years old. She needed medical attention and no one would adopt her without it. Could we help?

Zoey is a sweetheart. We had surgery done on her and she had to be confined for 3-4 weeks. She loves to jump and this would have undone her surgery. It's hard to keep a good dog down. :-)

She loves all her foster playmates, and did great with her surgery. Here she is with Daisy, her foster mom's dog.

Zoey liked to curl up with Abigail also-- Abigail is a tiny thing!

"Are you talking about me?"

She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She plays 24-7,and will roll and run and chase her foster playmate.

She is so dog gone sweet, her foster mom says. And she wants to be near you, a very affectionate girl.

We received an application and I thought Zoey would be perfect for the applicant. They met her and she now lives in Roanoke, VA. She's the perfect dog for her new doggy sibling and for her family. She has a playmate and when her "grandkids" come over, she adores them, too. I love it-- a perfect fit for a great home!


lady jicky said...

Zoey does look like a cutie and I am so happy she has a home now.
You and the shelter are good people.

Toni Davis said...

We miss Zoey and we are soooo happy she has her furever home!