Friday, January 6, 2012


This is last year's picture of Lafite-- I just love it and had to use it again.

Lafite, Lacy and Mr. Winks all sat under the tree to pose for a picture.

All those little eyes were looking for Santa. I'm sure he brought them a lot of presents.

Lafite decided to look out the window for Santa-- but it was still light outside. We all know Santa comes after dark.

I love the stocking. This was Bogey's stocking-- he went to the Rainbow Bridge, but his special stocking will continue to hang. I did the same thing this year-- lots of little Peke stockings. Lacy is playing with her new toy. I bet that's not the only one. :-)

Mr. Winks is in the box-- just like a kid, the box is as good or better than the toy.

Are the presents all open now? Lacy, you are so cute under the tree!

Now Lacy is on the couch with Lafite and Mr. Winks. This looks like a very nice, comfy spot to watch for special visitors.

Lacy, I think you're fading. Christmas took a lot of energy out of you.

And she's out-- nap time! I know you all had a wonderful holiday!

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lady jicky said...

Isn't it interesting that Peke's like their Christmas photo under the tree!!! LOL