Monday, January 9, 2012


Reuben was on my April 28 blog. He is at a shelter in Pennsylvania, and has stayed there as a mascot because he has so many medical issues-- kidney failure is one. In spite of all this, Reuben was still getting lots of love at Christmas. He's had a few setbacks, but has rallied each time. Rich visits him often at the shelter and of course, he went to see him at Christmas.

Reuben gets so much attention there, and there is a vet who monitors his medications and conditions. He's loved by all the shelter staff and he gets so much love there.

He took time to pose for pictures for Rich. He's a sweet Peke.

I love your face, Reuben. I am glad you are getting so much attention and that you keep bouncing back.

I see that you are getting a pet there and your eyes are closing a bit as you relax on Rich's lap. :-) Consider yourself hugged by all of us, Reuben!!!


lady jicky said...

Oh my gosh !!!

Someone sweet needs to adopt darlin Reuben !!!

Come on gang !!!

Toni Davis said...

Rich is a very special person. He does so much for these guys. Imagine, spending time at Christmas with this darling little guy. What a wonderful act!