Friday, January 20, 2012


My niece sent me a picture of a dog bed that I would really like to have. It is nothing like the dog beds in my home-- and there are a lot of them. Upstairs, downstairs, in the bedroom, in the laundry room, in the family room. They are everywhere. Odin (above) has a favorite dog bed-- ME.

But, if I'm not available, he loves this one-- with a layer of toys there first.

Are there enough toys in there?

Maybe not, since he decided to get into the pink one instead.

Starlight climbed into Beach Bit's carseat. That made a great dog bed for her!

Our bed is the best spot for Kai Kai at night. He must sleep with his human. He is one of the most loyal foster dogs I've ever had here.

I love Paddy's plaid bed-- you've seen it before, but I had to show it again. What a bed!

Mr. Winks will choose any bed-- Lacy's pink one or another empty one.

Brandy is happily settled into hers.

A couch makes an acceptable dog bed-- Fu and Caleb are using theirs. And looking so cute, too!

Missy likes her mom's couch also.

But, this has to be the ultimate dog bed-- built into the cabinet. My niece sent me this picture. I love it! Now, how can I get one here?? Do you have an unusual dog beds in your home?


lady jicky said...

Sadly we do not have a magic PINK BED .

We have those round "pods" .

Lisa_S. said...

2 dogs, *8* dog beds and they're usually on the couch or in bed with me.

I need a coffee table built like that one because when they are in the dog bed, it's usually one of the ones under the coffee table.

Unknown said...

The best bed will always be our lap! Dogs, like humans, long for personal touch, to be caressed, as it makes them feel loved. Though my dog has her own bed, she still prefers to sleep on my bed. I don’t really need pillows because I have her to cuddle with all night long.

-Ellan Lima