Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Ollie was one of my foster dogs. I picked him up in Nov. 2006 and fell in love right away. He danced in the shelter cage and was so happy I was there to get him.

His family also adopted Buffy-- she was keeping an eye on Beesey Bit and Drill Bit when we went to their house last week. Buffy is SO good with kids.

We went to their house so we could see all the CHRISTMAS that is there. I call it the Christmas House because every room (bathrooms included) have a Christmas tree. Each has its own theme.

Buffy and Ollie's mom's name is Joy, so we could see a lot of "Joy" ornaments on her trees. And we took one for her to add.

These are Christmas balls that Joy made herself. They are exquisite! She has so many Christmas ball on display in bowls or large vase/towers. I saw a lot of things I could do next year!

The living room has a very large Santa in it. It's painted on a large board, and there is a replica on the front porch that Joy did. It's such a fun house to see!

The trees were all amazing. I could have sat in each room for hours just looking at the trees. But, I had four "Bits" with me, so I was watching them! I had Lil Bit, Bitty Bit, Drill Bit and Beesey Bit. Beach Bit didn't get to come.

There were snow globes and ornaments hanging on things. The Bits were enthralled.

There were other Joy displays-- this one on a picture board. And Joy describes my friends. She and her husband just make you feel so wonderful when you visit! Thank you to them both for allowing us to come.

There are ornaments of good size hanging on the stairway bannister.

There's another stunning bowl of ornaments.

Even the rugs are beautiful.

This tree was in a bathroom-- my grandbits were going from room to room in awe.

Another beautiful tree. The different color themes were wonderful and just made me smile. This is a happy house to stroll through!

Ollie and Buffy have their pictures in pillow frames.

And here's another bowl of handmade ornaments. Joy is very talented!

She just took up painting and did this picture of Ollie. He was on a boat and of course, he had on his life jacket.

The craft room has a palm Christmas tree. The Bits loved it and pointed out the little umbrellas that decorated the window board.

I think this one was in the family room in the basement. There was also a large sleigh there full of stuffed animals!

The Bits pulled out all the animals and got in, one at a time. They loved it!

Buffy went upstairs to the family room and looked at us over the couch.

It was hard having all those kids there-- I know how you feel, Buffy! I wish I could just roll over and take a nap, too.

Ollie took it in stride though.

They are very sweet Pekes.

When it's warmer, they love to pose outside for pictures.

Or hang out inside and wait for a treat.

They also let their own grandkids put them in plastic bins and push them around the house. They are very good sports.

Buffy will ride around in a car, too.

They are just all around great Pekes. They know they are loved.

And we are so happy they let us come to their house to see all the Christmas decorations!

I'm so glad we could visit and spend time with you. Thank you from all of us and the Bits for sharing your Christmas house with us!


lady jicky said...

OK - Joy wins HANDS DOWN for the most festive Peke Christmas House!!!

*** How long does it take Joy for you to pack it all up after Christmas????

I just hate the packing up , for some reason its longer!! LOL

Doris Sturm said...

What lovely Pekes. They look so happy. I enjoyed visiting the Christmas House too...blessings to all! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

It only takes a couple of hours per tree since I now have it down to a science. I have everything layered in crates and marked per room so it is pretty easy to put up and then pack up. The bowls of ornaments are put on a shelf and always ready. Thanks for al the nice comments. Linda is the best!!!! I love the BLOG and thanks so much for Ollie and Buffy.


lady jicky said...

Will you re-arrange my pantry Joy if I send you the air fare????