Sunday, January 15, 2012


Dinah was turned into rescue at ten years old because her owners had a baby. Dinah had been the baby and would still like to be someone's only baby girl. She loves to curl up on you lap like a baby and get tummy rubs. She'll fall contentedly asleep.

She enjoys looking out the window to see if there is someone coming to meet her. She just wants a quiet place to live her life.

Or let her curl up on a pillow on the couch to enjoy peace and quiet-- Oh, she looks comfy!

She has a little toy she is playing with-- or maybe she fell asleep with it there. :-)

At Christmas, her wish was a new home of her own-- if you are interested in Dinah, please email us at We would love to her to find her own special place.

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lady jicky said...

Oh how I wish you could put her on a flight to Australia - Dinah would love to be with my two girls!