Sunday, February 24, 2013


 Lisa and her husband, Andy, adopted two Pekes from us when they lived in Virginia.    They  moved to California and we call them "the Hollywood Pekes."     Above is Daisy, a foster, waiting for her turn to be brushed.   I see a food bowl there- are you sure she isn't waiting for a treat.. :-)
 Andy enjoys rescue as much as Lisa-- you can tell!    Having a husband/friend involved with you in rescue is great.    If they don't support you, it's a tough job to do!  (Jeanne and I have wonderful husbands.)
 I have lots of pictures of Andy-- that's because Lisa is taking the pictures!
 Some dogs are just terrified in the shelter and one of Lisa's fosters bit her because she was so scared.   Lisa said the dog was fine once she got home.   I think most of us have been bit a time or two.     Spike above, was pretty good-- he knew Andy was there to save him.
 Little Jessica reminds me of my Cranberry--what a pretty girl!
 Lisa teaches college and still has time for rescue and for gardening.    (My goal is do rehab my yard this spring-- the dogs and the rain have done a job on it!)
 Lisa's front yard is like a cottage garden.     (Jeanne's gardens have been on my blog many times, so I know she's enjoying seeing Lisa's garden.)
 Lisa's fosters watch dad go to get some food-- Let's see, how many are there?
 Lisa has fostered puppies, too.  Look at this cute one!   She said, "I don't have any trouble giving up the puppies, as much as I love them. I know they can get great homes as we do home visits and the like. I have trouble giving up the young abused/neglected ones that I've taught to trust people again. I sooooooo don't want them ever to have to go through anything bad again, and if I keep them all, then that won't happen."  I understand how she feels!   Those that come to us injured emotionally are harder to give up.  But, when we do, we can foster another.
 Andy is getting a lot of love here.
Tyler (above) and Maxwell know that sharing their mom and dad means another one is saved, just like they were.    I'm so glad Lisa and Andy do this "work" also.    If you're in the California area and want to adopt, just let me know and I'll put you in touch with her.


lady jicky said...

What wonderful people!

I adore that photo of them all looking out from the door!

Bitchy Bear said...

Golly! I'm so flattered. Thank you guys for getting Tyler and Max to me. Max is on the bed with me as I type this, and I bet Tyler is outside already. Loves that California sun.