Sunday, February 10, 2013


 Ginny Lee was adopted last year and loves being the only dog in her new home.  Her mom sends us updates, which I love!!
 Ginny loves to be held like a baby.   She will ask whoever is near by to love on her.
 She loves looking into their eyes when she is being held.    And if you rub her tummy, that is even better!
 Ginny will slowly close her eyes and begin snoring if the tummy rubs go on for awhile.  
 When it snowed, she LOVED it.    She wanted long walks in it, and felt very frisky.  She came back in racing, yipping, tossing her toys in the air.   She ran to her mom, put her paws on her legs and then ran away-- the snow just got her so excited!
Sometimes, Ginny will wear clothes-- a tutu is her favorite.    She is becoming another little Peke Diva.   That's great!    I can see more pictures coming!

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lady jicky said...

Ginny Lee is running the place! LOL