Saturday, February 2, 2013


 Valerie is one of our foster moms for special dogs, ones that just need a place to live out their lives.   She owns Bogart, above, who turned 17 today!!  WOW!   She said he is her smart, loving, grumpy boy that they love so much!
Popsickle lives with Bogart-- he is the foster dog there and is very sweet.   He came into rescue in rough shape and just needed a place to live his life-- Valerie welcomed him into her home.    I know Popsickle and all of us wish Bogart a very Happy Birthday!


Ginkgo's Daddy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOGART! I hope you get a lot of treats, hugs and kisses, and maybe even a cupcake.

Valerie said...

Thanks! Bogart is one of my three Original Dogs (all three rescues, but my Original dogs), and the only one surviving. (Poppie, a lab, passed at 15 in 2010, and Major, a cocker, passed at 15 in 2012.) Bogie is half peke and if it weren't for him I wouldn't even have known about Potomac Pekes or peke rescue!

lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday Bogart from the girls in Australia!!!

Moi Moi had a birthday on Saturday - she turned 8 . Moi Moi tells me that now she hears Bogart turned 17 !!!! - she is feeling Alot younger! LOL
May you have many more birthdays you dear old boy!
Kisses from Moi and Coco XXX