Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 Desi (Diva Desi) and her mom and dad had a Mardi Gras party.  Mardi Gras is today, so I had to "bump" the blog on Piper.  So sorry, Piper!    (You'll see him tomorrow.)   This is Dollar, looking up at his hat and wondering, "WHAT IS UP THERE?!
 Dollar had a jester hat on and he was wondering WHY he had to wear it.    It's because it looks so cute on you!
 Here was the menu!  Wow, I'd like to go to this party.  The food sounds wonderful-- but since they are five hours away from me, I didn't get to go.   
 The centerpiece was all Mardi Gras!
 Diva Desi had her Mardi Gras beeds on.    She was a bit upset that there was nothing on the menu for her.
 And here she has on her boa!   Oh, she looks wonderful.
 But, she's yawning, so the party must have gone late!
 Precious Alastor "Al" was in the spirit of the party.    He lives with Dr. Lucinda Hodges and her husband, Roger-- they are our wonderful western Virginia foster home/vet care/and adopters.   Alastor had so many problems that they decided to let him live his life with them.   (Harris Animal Hospital, Roanoke, VA)
 Cassidy was trying to keep everyone guessing as to who she was.   (Is that correct English, Beth?)
 And here is Gilbert "Gilly" (of the pair we had, Gilbert and Sullivan).    Can you keep your mask on?
 Sweet Jesse is going through heartworm treatment there and is almost finished.     Then, he'll be ready for adoption!!   Look how handsome he is.
 Being cute is so hard.   :-)
 Madge is a senior who lives with them and is heartworm positive, but with her serious heart issues, she can't undergo treatment.   (I love her pink bed!  You knew I would comment on that, didn't you?)
 She is a happy girl though and loving her life.   And she loves her wild dress and the bed and beads! 
 Puji is another one of our fosters who lives with them.  He is a very sick boy, and has liver problems, but he is loved and he is happy.   He gets to eat whatever he wants, just to try to keep some weight on him.    He is on a lot of meds, but since Lucinda is a vet, he gets everything he needs.    (Many thanks for the incredible care he receives!)
 He is a very loving boy and deserves to be loved and cared for and we hope he has a long time to live with his friends.   (He is so cute!)
And here is sweet Wanda.  She loves to go to Starbucks with her Daddy, Roger, on the way to work.    She is in the spirit of the party!     Are any of the rest of you doing something for Mardi Gras?    

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lady jicky said...

Alot of Rumba going on there!

It was Chinese New year on the weekend - Year of the Snake!

The girls were doing their Lion Dance! :)