Wednesday, February 27, 2013


 We found out that Rosie, the 16 year old Yorkie, was at a local shelter.  They asked for help.  She's not a Peke, but it doesn't mean we can't put her on our facebook and see what we can do.
 Well, one of our adopters (Tracey adopted two Pekes from us) saw the posting and decided she could give this senior girl a home.    
 She picked her up and Rosie came home to hugs from her human sister, Amanda.   Rosie met the gang...
 had some dinner (chicken, yum).   She only has two teeth and one isn't great. But, she loved her meal and did just fine.
 She met the pack.    Who is that, Colby?  
 They followed her around-- she's so small at five pounds, they weren't sure what she was.
 She enjoyed being outside and just meandering around the yard with her new family.
 And she got a "dog greeting." :-)
 And then, they all headed inside for rest.
 Macey, the queen, isn't too sure about this new addition.  Don't worry, Macey, you are still the boss.
 Pollyanna is a sweet one (adopted from us after she healed from severe burns on her back) and she is ready for a new family member to love.
 Riley and Oliver are fine, too.   They'll find a place to watch her.  
And Rosie will curl up and go to sleep and be so happy she has a new family-- all Pekes and people!    She is a loved little girl.


lady jicky said...

So happy sweet Rosie has a wonderful caring home!!!

Tracey said...

awe thanks for the sweet blog about my pack! They are the best. Rosie is a doll. She really is so easy to get along with and does so well. I just will never understand someone turning this precious lady into the shelter!