Wednesday, June 1, 2016


 Leslie emailed me to talk about her heart dogs.  Her first heart dog was a beautiful, solid white German Shepherd named Smokey.   Leslie told me he was over 100 pounds, but was the kindest, most gentle dog.    Gimmie, above, was another one of her heart dogs.   But, first, I want to share her love of Lulu Belle.
Leslie said her world changed when Lulu Belle came into her life.  She became everything to Leslie.  She was the child she never had, the light of her day.  
Lulu's life was far too short, dying at just 3 years old after a poisonous snake bite.   Leslie now warns us about the dangers of snake bites, reminding us in the spring so that we remember to watch for them.   Lulu Belle's legacy may be saving another dog from the same thing.   She was a beautiful girl.
 Gimmie was adopted from PVPC-- he was not a a young dog, and he had health issues, but Leslie fell in love.    He was a tiny one, but he lived a wonderful life with her-- it was just too short.  Leslie said, "I saw his picture and my heart melted. I needed him just as he needed me. I may have "rescued" him, but in reality he rescued me. Shortly after he came here to his forever home, we lost LuLu, and there is no way I could have survived that without Gimmie. He was with me during my darkest days, and I will never ever forget him. He was one special little fella. And, after just losing him such a short time ago, there is definitely a deep void in our house. He was the boss, and we are lost without him. Even if I had known then that he too would only be with me just 3 short years, I would still adopt him again, in a second, and do it all over. I am learning that happiness also equals eventual sadness :-(."
Leslie adopted Jazzy and Hadley from us.   They both came while Gimmie was still alive and he was in charge.   I'm sure he taught both of them a few lessons.   I know they are becoming Leslie's new heart dogs.  The joy they give is just amazing to her.   Having a heart dog means that our heart breaks some when they leave us-- but Leslie, like the rest of us, wouldn't trade the time with them for anything.    I know we'll hear more about Hadley and Jazzy-- the Peke love adventure continues.


LadyJicky said...

I love all of Leslie's heart dogs!

nana said...

Hearts full of cracks leak love......blessings to you!