Friday, June 17, 2016


 I went to visit Joyful Grace the other day.  
 As usual, she was in a pretty outfit!  
 Her hair has grown back a lot!    It's soft and fluffy now.   Part of her back doesn't have as much, but her skin looks so good!   She has come much further than we ever hoped.    While I was there, she jumped OUT of her bed and later, she jumped back in.   Now that it's warm, she loves wandering all over the back yard and letting the sun warm her back.
So, for all who have cheered her on, here she is!


LadyJicky said...

Oh my ... Miss Joyful is improved !!
I am in her prayers!
Darling .... If I was living in the USA ... you would be mine!

Toni Davis said...

OMD! Look at that sweet baby! She looks wonderful. No matter how much time she has, she is living out her life knowing love and comfort. This is rescue!

LadyJicky said...

Linda ..... that there is a different dog! LOL

Joyful Grace is looking so well and that is because you all do such a wonderful job!!!
What a pretty face she has.... oh went I think of that poor little thing with no hair! OMG

Lost Earring said...

Hearing this news and seeing the photos of Joyful Grace makes my day. The poor little thing has the spirit of a tiger because she fought so hard with the aid of her rescuer and fosters to come this far.

Thanks for an uplifting story today. And kisses to Joyful Grace.

Unknown said...

She is a strong, good girl. Let me know if I can help her with anything. I hope she lives a long time in happiness and safety.

Sarah Henry said...

So thankful that she is doing so well. Beautiful girl and such a strong spirit. Blessings Joyful Grace.