Sunday, June 19, 2016


 I did not have a blog on Saturday-- there was a big storm that went through Virginia.   My area lost power-- but we had it back on within 8 hours.  However, our phone and internet and TV were lost for 2 days-- so no blog!    Richmond was hit worse than my area-- check out this beautiful old home that was severely damaged.
 One of our adopters lies in Richmond and this is what she woke up to.   As the branches were cut away, it was as if the limbs were sheltering her car-- only a few scratches!
 The weather, for June, was not hot, and we were able to relax on the porch, not watch TV, not be on the computer, and it was quiet and peaceful.   After the week I had with Kai Kai and his fourth surgery, it was okay to just stop.   Sometimes, we just need to do that.
 Kai Kai had his surgery on Thursday and I'll catch everyone up on him this coming week.   His buddy Max, is watching over him closely.  Starlight had to see what was going on.
And the good news I received is that Pi, my granddog who had mass removal a week and a half ago-- well, the biopsy showed that it was cancer, but slow growing and it had not spread.   It looks like Dr. Evans at Acredale Animal Hospital got it all!!   Yippee!!   He's a fabulous surgeon!
 It's a reminder to enjoy what we have-- to hang out with a friend (Sugar Bit and her new rescued dog, Callie).
 Look up at the trees and relax...
Enjoy what you can hear and see.
And smile!   Happy Sunday!

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LadyJicky said...

Arrrr - you did get a storm! I am so glad you and your property were spared
That is one huge tree to come down - real bad storm!

So happy to read Pi is good and they got it all !!! :)