Saturday, June 4, 2016


 I received several emails about heart dogs.   I think we've all had them.   Bogie and Lafite, above, as puppies, were Chris' heart dogs.   Bogie, "Bobo," was named after Humphrey Bogart, one of Chris' favorite actors.   Bogie was a cover hog, a prankster and he loved to run and hide and chew things.   (Sounds like a Peke to me!)
 Chris said they  went to get one Peke and Lafite put his paw on her leg as if to say, "take me, too."   They did.
 Bogie and Lafite were litter mates and so sweet.   Bogie died suddenly during a dental.  This is very rare, but it can happen.   Lafite was lost without his best friend.
 Lafite and his mom and dad came to my house and met Lacy, who joined their family.
 Later, Mr. Winks joined their group.  
 Lacy settled right into her new home.
Chris said that Bogie and Lafite were the dogs of her heart-- Lafite, in one of my favorite pictures ever, was watching them out the window at Christmas one year.   He was a beautiful boy.  They both shared a piece of Chris' heart.  They were the first Pekes she ever had and so special.   Even though they are gone, they will always be in her heart.


LadyJicky said...

As you know Linda ..... I sometimes "Feel" all my dogs that I have have in my life walking with me .... even when I am in a shopping mall ... it just "comes on" and then goes.
All were my "Heart Dogs" and all stay with me.
Very strange but true.

Unknown said...

That is exactly how I feel about Koko. We only had 15 months together. Never the less she took over my heart and will always be there. I still miss her every day.