Monday, May 15, 2017


It has been raining a lot-- and what do we do on rainy days?  Lucky has the right idea!!
 Allie Marie the Bebe thinks taking a snuggle nap is a great thing.   MUCH better than going outside in the rain.
 Festus is all for just hanging "in" when it's rainy Out!
 Percy and Jasper don't want anything to do with the rain outside.
 The Bits are pretending to take a nap-- Sugar Bit curled up with her "Bubba" and thought a nap would be fun.  This lasted about 6 seconds haha.
 Max found the bouncy seat and took it over.  Yes, rainy days are good for just staying in.
 Furby is still waiting for a forever home.   He is 12 1/2 but has love to give.   He continues to heal from the neglect he went through and his skin is so much better.  He is so good about his eye meds!
 Benjamin  can't wait to get his e-collar off.  It gets all wet if he goes outside.  BUMMER!  But, he is doing great on housetraining, so we have to go out.  In the rain!
 Floyd will go out and wander in the rain.  He's such a good boy.  
 Furby woke up to say this about the rain!
And then there's Chumley-- no matter what the weather is, rain or shine, cold or hot-- he just wants to play!!!

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LadyJicky said...

Where is Starlight???
I am off to get into my pj's as its getting cold and I think we are in for rain too.