Tuesday, May 21, 2013


 Hi Miss Linda,
 It is me, Desi, again.
 Mom took more photos of me in my garden enjoying the flowers and my fish.
Mom says do not worry because I am only allowed to help with the fish when
Mom or Dad is with me. As if I would actually jump in that water and mess up
my hair!   Love, Desi
 Sweet Fiona is still able to enjoy the flowers, too.  
 She has had more seizures, but she has a strong will to live!
 Just look at her-- she's so sweet.  I was able to meet her in person and just love her.
 She came to us with severe issues from a shelter in DC-- and she has been able to have incredible care and love.
 She loves her  parents and her Peke/doggy brothers and sisters.
 Well, she loves them as long as there are no shenanigans.   Or Peke-anigans.    (I love to make up words!)
 Madge has a severe heart murmur, but also refuses to give up--  incredible!
And look at Puji--- he is still hanging in there, too.   The Peke will to live is amazing.    You go, Puji!

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lady jicky said...

A bunch of cuties!