Monday, May 27, 2013


 Last week ended a few weeks of Camp Runamuck for Pekes.    I took Midnight and Piper to meet their new families.   Before they left, we had a houseful of Pekes!   They were all "running amuck!"
 Beach Bit put himself in a small xpen "box" while he was eating crackers.   He didn't want to share-- the dogs DID want to share.
 Come on, give us a cracker!
 Amelia came to visit-- she was a foster that lives in Richmond now with Magnolia (Stella) below-- their mom went to Ireland!     Next time, she gets the dogs and I go to Ireland haha.  
 Amelia and Magnolia were so good and had fun here.  
 A pile of them were on the couch with Matt and Beach Bit.  
 Piper was slipping between the cushions.    There he goes!
 Amelia liked Beach Bit-- she curled right up with him.
 Yes, we see you are comfortable, too, Magnolia.
 Magnolia liked to be on top of her crate-- never locked of course.  
 And Amelia liked to be inside.
Magnolia loved to be on laps the best though.  
Starlight decided to just hide out, too many for her!     The number is much lower now, so she can relax.    Amelia and Magnolia go tomorrow and it will just be "us."    That just might be boring!   But, it's okay, things will change soon, I'm sure. 

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lady jicky said...

I have been laughing with every photo that comes up while reading about Camp Runamuck !!!
Now that was a Pack of Peke's!!!

* Linda - that Starlight is so pretty!!!

Is the "Bit" out of jail yet??? LOL