Tuesday, May 7, 2013


 Landgon came into rescue when his family went through a bad situation and had to give him up.    He is a beautiful, big boy at 22 pounds.    He is about 8 years old, but you wouldn't know that.
 He has a stunning coat!    It is thick and beautiful.   He went to the groomer and the groomer fell in love with him!    
 Landgon is a great dog-- he loves to spread toys around everywhere.    He was very busy and proud when he saw all he did!!! He has quite a bit of spunk!  He loves to play with the other dogs and there is a lot of "puppy power" around the house.    
He gets along with cats, dogs, and kids.   He also loves car rides!!     If you are interested in this great Peke, please let us know.     He is one sweet boy!

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lady jicky said...

Oh Linda - he is a spunk muffin!!!