Friday, August 3, 2012


Here are the two Pekes I needed fosters for-- several of you stepped up. Thanks!!! Lele was spayed and had a dental, so she has the e-collar on. Chip is a big boy at 20 pounds-- but he's all sweetness. Look at those teeth."Don't take my picture." Lele and Chip checked out a tree-- they knew each other from the shelter, but were not turned in together.There's the Peke tongue! Chip is about 9 years old, but he has a serious heart murmur and irregular heartbeat. It's consistently irregular, which is better than "irregularly irregular." You would not know this-- he ran all over the yard, joy all over his face, wanting to greet and love on everyone and every dog. This is such a nice dog!You can see that he must have had a flea allergy and lost hair-- I had him checked to make sure there was no thyroid issue and his bloodwork was great! So, he just needs good food and time and his hair will grow back. I think it will end up being beautiful and soft.Lele is about 15 pounds. The owners who turned her in (they were "moving to Africa") said she was ten, but my vet and I think she can't be that old-- more like 8. Her coat is beautiful and thick and there is no gray on her at all. She only lost one tooth in her dental also-- if she was ten, I think she would have lost more.Bear-Bear came to spend the night and loved seeing Kai Kai again. I had a BUNCH of Pekes here last night! Too many!Chip is super friendly, and was greeting Scooter. He also introduced himself to Cowboy Odin."Why are so many here," said Max.Max, Scooter and Chip walk on part of the Pekingese pathway. They all find this path! Amazing.Cranberry, in the middle, is doing better today. She is greeting Scooter, Cowboy (in front), Chip, Lele and Max.And then she wandered off-- you can't be the queen in the midst of your pack for too long. It just takes a lot of energy.Chip decided to meet Starlight. And you know how SHE felt about that.Lele went to her foster home on Thursday. Chip will visit there a few days while we find him a ride to Roanoke, where his foster home will be. They are both really sweet dogs! I'm lucky to have had them visit-- even if it made my house really full! :-)


lady jicky said...

Oh I do love that big boy Chip!!

Bonnie said...

looks like you had a fun full house! Like having your own Peke-Fest! All the pekes are cute as can be! :)

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Looks like a big fun Peke Party to me! Full house? Maybe you just need a bigger house?