Thursday, August 9, 2012


This picture of Chester cracks me up! He is such a hoot. You can sure see the French Bulldog in him. He loves his buddies, Daisy and Abigail. They are all about the same size.Abigail thinks Chester is very cute.Maybe his ears are up because he's listening so hard. He can't see, so his hearing is critical. He doesn't miss a thing!Is someone back there?He doesn't let his lack of sight get in his way at all. He maneuvers around very well and has found all the beds.He found the doggy door within 20 minutes of being with his foster mom, Toni.Sometimes, he just has to take a nap-- he plays a lot.Naps are good for Pekes! (People, too!)Here he is with his friend again-- I think they are sharing secrets.You would think Chester could see the camera! Look how attentive he is.I'm so glad Chester has such wonderful friends!


lady jicky said...

That Chester and his ears are fabulous !!!

Bonnie said...

aw, he is adorable. I love the pics of Chester and Abigail on the bed!

Toni Davis said...

Chester is a treasure! There is something about him that is very soothing. When you hug him all your troubles just melt away. He is such a trooper and does not miss a beat living and enjoying life. He has just started to play with toys. It is just so cute and makes your hurt melt! I love some Chester and so would anyone that took the chance to know him!